Roofs are more than just the outermost layer that we see. Beneath the visible shingles lie multiple protective layers that ensure the longevity and safety of the entire roofing system. One such crucial layer is the ice and water shield. This protective barrier plays a pivotal role, especially in areas that experience harsh winters, like Michigan.

The Role of the Ice and Water Shield

Michigan’s cold winters are not just a challenge for its residents but also for their roofs. The ice and water shield is a protective layer that many might not be aware of, but it’s essential for safeguarding your roof from the harsh effects of winter. This shield acts as a barrier against the accumulation of ice and water, which can cause significant damage if left unchecked.

Delving Deeper: What Lies Beneath the Shingles

When you look at a roof, you see the shingles. But beneath them are several protective layers that play a vital role in the roof’s overall health. The underlayment, for instance, is attached to the sheathing and acts as a water-resistant barrier. It seals around nail and staple holes, preventing water from seeping in.

However, the underlayment alone isn’t enough, especially at the lower edges of the roof, which are prone to snow and ice accumulation. Here’s where the ice and water shield comes into play. This is a robust, adhesive layer made from a composite material, ensuring that the roof remains waterproof. It’s crafted from polymers blended with bitumen, providing a waterproof seal.

For roofs with a steep slope, which is common in residential settings, the ice and water shield is typically applied along the bottom six feet. Additional layers are added in the valleys, where two roof sections intersect. This ensures that the roof remains protected, especially during the challenging winter months.

Varieties of Ice and Water Shield

There are three main types of ice and water shields:

For homes in areas like Michigan, the first two types are commonly recommended. However, the kind of shield is less crucial than its proper installation and the amount used.

The Benefits of the Ice and Water Shield

The ice and water shield offers numerous benefits:

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In Conclusion

The ice and water shield is an unsung hero of the roofing world. While it remains hidden, its role in protecting roofs, especially during the challenging winter months, cannot be understated. Ensure your roof is equipped with this protective layer to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your home is safeguarded against the elements.