Roof flashing might not be the most glamorous part of your home’s exterior, but it plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your house against the harshest weather conditions. Understanding the different types of flashing and their functions can help homeowners ensure their roofs remain in optimal condition.

The Role of Metal Flashing

Metal flashing is typically thin, flexible sheets of metal designed to bridge the gaps between varying materials on your roof. For instance, where a brick chimney meets a shingle roof, there’s a potential for gaps due to the different expansion rates of these materials. These gaps, if left unaddressed, can allow water to seep into the underlying structures, leading to potential damage.

To counteract this, metal flashing is installed to cover these gaps, ensuring that water doesn’t find its way into the sheathing or rafters. A common place where you might observe metal flashing is around the base of chimneys, where it wraps around the initial few bricks just above the roofline.

Flexible Flashing: A Versatile Solution

Another type of flashing is the flexible or curb flashing. This is often used around features like skylights, which are made of extruded metal and are set within wooden rafters. Given the different expansion rates of metal and wood, there’s a need for a flexible solution to prevent leaks. Curb flashing, made of pliable plastic or rubber, serves this purpose.

Apart from skylights, flexible flashing is also employed around vents in kitchens and bathrooms. While some of it might be visible from the outside, a significant portion is concealed beneath the roofing material, ensuring a seamless appearance.

Rubber Boots: Sealing Roof Piercings

Often categorized under flashing, rubber boots are sealants used around sanitary stacks on roofs. These are especially crucial above bathrooms, where they prevent water leaks around roof piercings. Typically dark-colored, these rubber boots are designed to blend seamlessly with the roof’s overall appearance.

The Significance of Proper Flashing

While they might not be the most visible parts of your roof, metal flashing, curb flashing, and rubber boots are indispensable. They ensure that your roof remains watertight, directing water away and preventing potential leaks. It’s common for roofs to develop leaks when the flashing is compromised or deteriorates over time.

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