Wind doesn’t discriminate. When it sweeps across neighborhoods, it can leave a trail of destruction, especially on roofs. Being vigilant and understanding the subtle and overt signs of wind damage can be the difference between a minor repair and a major overhaul. Here’s a detailed breakdown.

1. Displaced or Absent Shingles

A glaring indication of wind’s wrath is when shingles are no longer where they should be. Gale-force winds can pry shingles from their adhesive, leaving the roof vulnerable. If you spot shingles scattered around your property, it’s time to inspect your roof.

2. Erosion of Granule Layers

Shingles come with a protective granulated layer to shield against weather elements. Persistent winds can erode this layer, causing granules to accumulate in gutters or around the property. This is a telltale sign of shingle wear due to wind activity.

3. Shingles Taking on a Distorted Shape

When shingles begin to exhibit a curled or buckled appearance, wind damage is often the culprit. Such distortions can pave the way for water ingress, leading to further complications.

4. Compromised Roof Flashing

The flashing on a roof acts as a sealant, primarily around joints and valleys. Wind can contort, detach, or even shred this protective layer, making the roof susceptible to water damage.

5. Nails Becoming Unseated

If you observe nails either protruding or entirely missing from the roof’s surface, it’s a sign that wind has been at play. These nail voids can become gateways for moisture, leading to potential internal damage.

6. Uneven Roof Surface

Severe wind episodes can inflict structural harm to the roof’s foundational layers or its supporting beams. Any noticeable dips or irregularities on the roof’s surface warrant immediate professional attention.

7. Signs of Moisture Inside

Post-windstorm, it’s prudent to inspect your home’s interior, especially the attic and ceilings. Any evidence of moisture, be it water marks, mold growth, or damp patches, suggests that wind has breached the roof’s defenses.

Ensuring Roof Resilience Against Wind

At Guns N’ Hoses Roofing & Siding, we recognize the critical role a robust roof plays in safeguarding properties. Routine checks and timely interventions can preempt major issues. If wind damage is a concern or if you’re seeking a roofing service in Flint, our adept team of roofing contractors in Flint, MI, stands ready to assist. Rely on our proficiency to fortify your roof against the unpredictable temperament of Mother Nature.